Towns and municipalities

  • selection of the most suitable electricity and gas supplier,
  • optimization of the reserved capacity of electricity expressed by the size of a circuit breaker or inclusion in the optimal gas supply tariff,
  • setting the optimal mode of public lighting – modernization and funding,
  • energy audits of public buildings, proposals for cost reduction and additional funding,
  • determination of the value of damage to buildings, objects, vehicles, etc. (failures, accidents, violent damage to objects, etc.),
  • operation of public water supply and public sewerage systems of I, II and III category, including the possibility of transferring responsibility for operation of public water supply and sewerage systems to IMAZ. This means fulfilling the obligations of the owner of the public water supply and public sewerage system to the state administration authorities on the basis of a power of attorney (monitoring of obligations – submission of real data, price proposal, price announcement, etc.),
  • acting on our behalf (or cooperation of our experts to support your position) in territorial, construction or building approval proceedings for water management facilities,
  • expert assessment and resolution of your issues with potable water and wastewater discharge,
  • addressing the issue of supplying public buildings with heat and hot water.